Saturday, October 06, 2007

Sentinel S-F

Sentinel S-F lost its web host and went off the internet Sep. 28. It's probably a blessing is disguise; it will give me an opportunity to start fresh and come up with something snazzy. I will be working on get another location. Of course, just right this minute I'm deep into a house move. We should close on the new home before the end of this coming week.
There are a number of reasons I hadn't posted lately. One big reason is that I had another accident with fire ants last weekend. I was doing some yard work and picked up a piece of wood that had ants beneath it. Before I knew what happened, they flowed onto my hand. I had 36 bites up to my wrist, one-third of them on my thumb. I was able to to kill the pain of the stings by washing my hands with apple cider vinegar, but the pustules have been haeling all week. It looked like I will have some permanent mottling on the hand from the scars.
And of course, the wife and I have been packing all week.

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