Thursday, October 11, 2007

Still packing boxes

Not much to report - a lot of work going into the move. We close on the new house tomrrow. Got the contract for "Off the Hook" in the email - haven't even had time to run it off. Hope to do so this weekend.

Packing boxes

Sunday, October 07, 2007

"Off the Hook"

Got great news this evening. Ed Morris forwarded an email. The bi-annual magazine Dark Recesss will be publishing our collaboration, "Off the Hook", in its January issue. This is the first story to be published that was a real collaboration between us. It was a story that Ed started, but I took it and I think I did some crucial work. I'm proud of how it came out.

Dark Recesses in based in British Columbia. Not only will it be nice to see it in print, I'll get a little money, since the mag pays three cents a word.

The story is about an old stand up comedian who finagles a deal when Death comes to fetch him.

Saturday, October 06, 2007

Sentinel S-F

Sentinel S-F lost its web host and went off the internet Sep. 28. It's probably a blessing is disguise; it will give me an opportunity to start fresh and come up with something snazzy. I will be working on get another location. Of course, just right this minute I'm deep into a house move. We should close on the new home before the end of this coming week.
There are a number of reasons I hadn't posted lately. One big reason is that I had another accident with fire ants last weekend. I was doing some yard work and picked up a piece of wood that had ants beneath it. Before I knew what happened, they flowed onto my hand. I had 36 bites up to my wrist, one-third of them on my thumb. I was able to to kill the pain of the stings by washing my hands with apple cider vinegar, but the pustules have been haeling all week. It looked like I will have some permanent mottling on the hand from the scars.
And of course, the wife and I have been packing all week.

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