Wednesday, January 22, 2020

Problems with the email

We've taken a break at Sirius Science Fiction, with the most recent story published December 28, because of a strange technical problem that arose with the email.

Some of you may recall I recently asked how many of you use Juno for your email. I had a reason. Sirius S-F uses an old Juno email address of mine for its submissions. The email address goes back to the 1990s, but it seemed to work fine, and not being very active I thought it would be a good one to use for the slush pile.

However, a couple of months ago, it developed a strange problem. It would freeze after one action. In other words, if you took any action - open an email, delete emails, go to an inbox - you got only one chance. You couldn't take two actions in a row - the program would freeze. You'd have to go out and in again.

That obviously made working the submission emails very, very difficult, and that's the main reason I took the break. I was pretty much in a quandary about what to do, except migrate submissions to a different email. But then what could I do the submissions I already have on hand?

However, in the past week or so the problem seems to have righted itself, and it seems I can use the email normally now, so we will start reading the slush pile again and publishing original fiction.

Our next story, the first one for 2020, will be "14 Candles" by Michael Murphy. I will post here when it is published.

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