Saturday, November 02, 2019

Sirius Science Fiction is alive and doing well

Since restarting this fall, Sirius Science Fiction has been doing well and has published five original short stories. We published five this spring before taking a hiatus for health reasons (my wife Patricia got real sick in June and took weeks to recover; I also had bouts of illness.)

But since Oct. 4 we have published:

"Cafe Bueno" by Kevin Folliard

"The Drifter and Mr. Cronkite" by F.M. Scott

"The Lung-Ma's Tests" by Susan MacDonald

"Space - A Fishy Tale" by John Taloni

and this week, "Second Time Around" by John Leahy.

Two are alternate - or secret - history, and two more traditional science fition. I don't know how to classify "Second Time Around".

We have been getting submissions from around the world. John Leahy is the first publication from overseas, he lives in Ireland.

Submissions are always open at , and we pay $25 per story.

Here is the link to the page.

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