Sunday, November 29, 2020

How understand the mainstream media today

Liberals went into journalism after World War II because they wanted to tilt the country to the left, after seeing the horrors of the war. 

At the same time the Soviet Union was infiltrating American society with Communist agents. Joe McCarthy was excoriated at the time, but with a decade it was obvious he had been telling the truth - the government and seats of power were riddled with Communists, and we got our ass kicked by a pissant Southeast Asian nation. 

Richard Nixon was the the process of extricating the nation with honor from Vietnam but then the establishment took him down with Watergate, which was an obvious bullshit set-up. 

Nixon's political demise proved the subversives in the U.S. could manipulate internal politics, and especially after that the numbers of left-winger who went into journalism skyrocketed. I was a freshman at and Ivy League school in 1975, I saw that process first-hand. 

People like me, who believe in God and our country, go into community journalism, but mainstream journalism is so far gone it is hopeless. There's no way for it to be fixed - it's all leftists and heathen.

It's like when you joke that you would remove the rust from your jalopy, but the rust is the only thing holding it together. If you purged the godless and the damned that run the mainstream media today, there would be nothing left.

Thursday, November 26, 2020

'Tis the reason

 Thanksgiving is always problematic for small town weekly papers, which - in the U.S. - traditionally come out on Thursdays (I understand in Canada they come out on Tuesdays).

As one would suspect, my newspaper is not printed on Thursday, it's printed on Wednesday and goes out to subscribers in the mail Thursday. Because of the holiday, the paper this week goes in the mail Friday.

Still, it was an abbreviated week. My printer had to print all its other papers - both for Wednesday and Thursday - on Wednesday, so we had no leeway to be late. But we met the deadline.

The bigger problem was out bi-weekly Mount Pleasant paper, which is dated on Saturdays. Normally it would be printed on Thursday. I would have assumed this week it would be printed on Friday, but the printer said its employees also wanted the day after Thanksgiving off.

It took some rushing, but we also got the Mount Pleasant Mirror done and printed on Wednesday. So I have a certain sense of accomplishment.

The Mirror is a new paper, started this year, so it does not have a periodical postal permit and only a handful of mail subscribers. Therefore it is distributed free in Mount Pleasant. It will be delivered on Friday, so we can be back at our Clarksville office for Small Business Saturday.

Sunday, November 15, 2020

No plans as yet

Little did I know, when I was a panelist at AnachroCon in Atlanta in February, that it would be the only convention I would attend this year. But by March COVID was really kicking in and the quarantines started. The rest of my conventions were cancelled.

Right now, I have no conventions lined up for 2021 (this year was the last for AnachroCon). If anyone needs a panelist in 2021, let me know.

Saturday, November 07, 2020

"Great White Ship" featured in podcast

Planet Raconteur featured my short story "Great White Ship" in a recent podcast. They have broken the story out as a stand alone. Listen and enjoy! Click HERE.

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