Tuesday, November 27, 2018

Always willing to help my friends - and do that "Good Turn".

Most you probably don't know I was a Boy Scout. That's how I got my start in journalism. I was a Patrol Scribe and I earned the journalism merit badge.

The Scouts's slogan is "Do a Good Turn Daily". And this weekend I did my daily good deeds, for two very different people - Jon Del Arroz and Howard Waldrop.

In Jon's case, I posted his novella "Knight's Training" on the SFWA reading list for the Nebula awards. Jon is not a member of the SFWA, but you don't have to be to to have a work listed on the reading list. Since I am a member, and since "Knight's Training" is worthy selection, I posted it myself. I'm sure some people will enjoy it. In fact, the last time I checked it had more views than my own story I posted in the short story category, "This Planet is a Hole".

As for Howard, I picked up the phone and gave him a call Sunday just to chat and get caught up. I didn't go to Armadillocon this year, where I usually see him.

In the course of the conversation we talked about the late, great Gardner Dozois. Howard contributed one of the many tributes to Gardner that were featured in the September issue of the New York Review of Science Fiction, which was a special memorial edition for Gardner.

Howard bemoaned the fact that he wanted to read what everyone else had written, but he couldn't get his hands on a hard copy. I told him that I had downloaded the PDF of that issue, and I would print it out and mail it to him.

Which I did. It went out in the mail Monday.

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  1. Good to hear Howard is doing well. He has been on my mind lately.


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