Sunday, July 17, 2016

It can be done

Those of you who attended the panel on short stories at LibertyCon that Friday may recall I mentioned that I wrote a story, submitted it, and received an acceptance in four hours.

That story is "The Yellow Flag" and it is being published on-line by Sci-Phi Journal on August 1st.

With publication scheduled of "Lone Star, Lost Star" by Fiction on the Web on July 31st, "The Yellow Flag" will be my 100th short story publication.

My 99th and 100th short story publications on two successive days.

By the way, "The Yellow Flag" was written the afternoon of May 6, 2015. It is the third story I have sold to Sci-Phi Journal; thanks goes to Publisher Jason Rennie.

As best I can remember, it is only the third story I have ever sold on its first submission. The first was "A Rocket for the Republic" in Asimov's in 2005; the second was "Double Exposure" in Daily Science Fiction in 2012.

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