Tuesday, October 04, 2011

"Re-Opening Night"

The autumn issue of 4 Star Stories is on-line, and they've published another story of mine, "Re-Opening Night". This story is a mash-up of vaudeville and space opera, if you can believe it, that incorporates that old routine most people remember as "Niagara Falls" - Slowly I turn, step by step, inch by inch.

It allowed me to dredge out and hold up to the light old racial and ethnic stereotypes, both to remind us of them and highlight how wrong they were. Some of the terminology is crude, but appropriate for the protagonists, who've been reconstituted after being disembodied in 1927. In the back of my mind I recall a story I read years ago by Brenda Clough called "May Be Some Time" about a frozen Antarctic explorer from the Robert Scott Expedition being thawed out in modern times.

Another interesting thing is how, having missed the last three quarters of the 20th Century. how much the protags missed. They missed the Great Depression, much less WWII and all else.

This is the third story 4 Star has published of mine this year, and my 58th story overall since 2003.

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