Saturday, October 01, 2011

Photos from FenCon

Sitting in the gallery last weekend and banging away on my Smith Corona Classic 12 portable typewriter attracted a little attention. A few photos found their way onto the internet. I've copied four here. The top right one was posted by Rie Sheridan Rose on Facebook, from when I pretended the typewriter was a real old-fasioned "laptop". The others are from when I was sitting at my table. The top left one was taken and posted on his blog by my good friend Keith West. The one below that was actually posted on the FenCon Facebook page. The bottom photo was taken by Charles Tolliver and posted on facebook. Thanks, folks. As you might surmise from the changed shirt, three of the photos were taken Saturday, and one on Sunday. Chris Garcia has the story I wrote on Saturday, "The Quantum Gunman", and will publish it in his Drink Tank 300 issue

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