Sunday, October 16, 2011

Guest speaker

Thursday evening I was the guest speaker at a local writers' group, the North East Texas Writers' Organization (NETWO). They had a monthly dinner meeting at the local Applebee's. I haven't had much interaction with the group over the years; these are folks who mostly write books (of the dozen people in attendance, only one - in a show of hands - conceded to writing short fiction) and since I work primarily in short stories, there's not a lot of overlap. Also, I really don't think there are many people in the group who read fantasy or science fiction. But since I got the invite I thought it would be fun to make an appearance.

Despite the variance between what I do and what these folks are interested in, I think they enjoyed it. I spoke a little about how I broke in, and what my writing is like, and I ended by reading "Off the Hook" from "Music for Four Hands".

I also sold a few books, two copies of "Music" and three copies of "Fantastic Texas". Unfortunately, I didn't have any copies of "Texas & Other Planets" to sell. I've got an order on the way from John Teehan at Merry Blacksmith Press.

One of the NETWO members blogged about my visit, which you can read here.

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