Sunday, May 01, 2011

A note from the New Yorker

I was startled yesterday to get see a letter from the New Yorker in the mail. Inside was a note, a response to a submission query.

A few weeks ago, I sent off the query, and a day or two later realized I had done something lame-brained - I forgot to include a SASE. That's kind of a breach of protocol.

Oh, well, we all suffer occasional bouts of cerebral flatulence. I hoped the editors at the New Yorker wouldn't hold it against me.

I got a nice little handwritten note, apologizing for not being able to find the story, and suggesting I send it again. That was nice, and I'm glad I didn't offend them. I'm sure the slush pile at the New Yorker rises to the ceiling, and I certainly don't need to create work for them.

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