Sunday, May 01, 2011

Catching up

There were a number of projects I put off during the two weeks I didn't have my reading glasses, and I've made steady progress getting caught up since last Tuesday, especially this weekend.

I finished beta reading two stories I had committed to, and sent off an entry to a fiction contest being sponsored by the Texas Observer (curated by Larry McMurtry). Both of these projects deadlined on May 1st.

Today I whipped up a four-page outline for a continuing ed class I'm pitching to the local community college. It would be done in six class sessions.

Got a note from Howard on Friday, he said he finished his blurb for "Texas & Other Planets" and he liked the stories. I'm going to send the letter to Ed Morris, he will get a kick out of that.

Did the drawing for the free copy of "Texas & Other Planets", which also deadlined May 1st. Used a random number generator, and the winner is close to home, Paige Milton Alexander, who's a reporter for the Texarkana Gazette. We used to cover the same Bowie County beat when I worked at the Bowie County Citizens-Tribune.

Talk about small world!

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