Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Plans for ConDFW

Well, ConDFW is this weekend. I will be there, at least starting Saturday night. Because of my job, I have to work Saturday, so after I put the Sunday paper to bed, I will be driving into Dallas. When I arrive I will catch dinner with Bill Ledbetter and some of his friends from the Dallas area.

They will getwork out me Sunday. I will moderating three panels in four hours Sunday. Here sre the descriptions:

12 pm Published in the Periodicals: The Sci-Fi/Fantasy Magazine Market

Hosted by Lou Antonelli, Jerry Davis, Linda Donahue, Rhonda Eudaly and J.M. McDermott
Industry pros discuss the getting published in magazines. Who is really looking? What are the really exciting markets? And what can you do to maximize your chances of escaping from the slush pile?

2 pm The Best Writers You’ve Never Heard Of

Hosted by Lou Antonelli, Melanie Fletcher, Frances May, Teresa Patterson and Richard D. Weber
Industry pros tell you about the hidden jewels that they wish got more press. Who is waiting to be discovered? Bring pen and paper to this one and walk away with a new reading list.

3 pm It Was His Time: Killing off Characters with Style

Hosted by Lou Antonelli, Rachel Caine, Melanie Fletcher, and Thomas W. Knowles, K. Hutson Price
Fans often hate it but even beloved characters sometimes have to bite it. Authors discuss what makes character death memorable. How can you kill your characters with panache? How can you make them really CARE about the fiendish fate awaiting your imaginary friends?

These are all in the second panel room, the Rose/Magnolia. I will also share a reading hour with Selena Rosn at 11 a.m. in the Live Oak room

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