Sunday, October 25, 2020

Antonelli releases ten-point platform

CLARKSVILLE, Tx. - With only 18 days left until the November 3 general election, congressional candidate Lou Antonelli has released a ten-point platform of legislative issues he’d like to see enacted if elected.

The Libertarian Party nominee in the Texas 4th district, Antonelli said “I sat down and wrote up a set of specific actions I’d take if elected in response to feedback I’ve heard on the campaign trail. I believe it addresses the serious concerns I’ve heard from people.”

The platform in brief states:

1. Term limits – No local, state or federal official can serve more than three cumulative terms in office.

2. Eliminate Gerrymandering – Legislative districts must be drawn by a bi-partisan commission and be compact and contiguous.

3. Campaign Spending Limits – Candidates cannot spend more in running for an office than the office pays in annual salary.

4. Electoral College Reform – Electoral votes will be cast on the basis of the candidate that carried each congressional district, and not the whole state.

5. Abolish the Federal Reserve Bank.

6. Legalize Marijuana – Tax it at the same level at alcohol and tobacco, use the revenue to reduce debt.

7. Cut the federal payroll by one percent every year for 50 years until it is halved.

8. Adopt a 0th Amendment to the Constitution stating all federal laws and regulations must be applied and enforced regardless of race, religion, sex, national origin or color.

9. Investigate the Democratic Party under the RICO Act (Racketeer Influenced and Corrupt Organizations) for ongoing and systemic electoral fraud.

10. Abolish Obamacare.

Antonelli faces off in the general election against Republican Pat Fallon of Sherman, Democrat Russell Foster of Sherman and write-in Tracy Jones of Texarkana.


  1. I think the RICO act specifically exempted political parties, but that’s a dim memory dredged up from the 1990s so check me.
    Seems like your 0th amendment is already mostly included in the 14th.
    It all sounds good to me! Good luck.

  2. Doing a piece on Libertarian candidates in the most recent election; can I get a link to your concession statement?


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