Sunday, March 29, 2020

The Party Line

Tempest Bradford jump started the hate campaign against me, then Jim Hines jumped in. Bradford is Joe Goebbels to Nora Jemisin, who's basically turned the SFWA into her own self-promotion racket, just like Tor Books turned the Hugo awards into its own little scheme.

Hines is the same to John Scalzi, who is the single person the most responsible for the politicization of the SFWA. Most recently, Teresa Neilsen-Hayden jumped into the fray.

Neilsen-Hayden is the person who invented the party line against the Sad Puppies. In 2015 she started to attack the Pups a week before the Hugo nominations were announced. Nominees receive their notifications a week in advance, and when the "right" people didn't get their notifications, she realized what happened and went on the immediate attack.

Just because the party line is repeated over and over again doesn't make it true, and citing it doesn't make it a legitimate precedent.

Neilsen-Hayden repeated the lie that I swatted David Gerrold in 2015. Truth is, she invented that lie. Calling the police for protection because you are afraid of a lynch mob is not swatting, it's self-defense. Attacking me by repeating a Big Lie again still doesn't make it true.

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