Monday, February 05, 2018

Things are going well

Although its hard row to hoe, being your own boss, but so far so good. The newspaper closed out January firmly in the black, and our revenues are on a steady rise. There hasn't been a day since we took over Jan. 1st that we haven't made a bank deposit; many days we've made two.

Just this afternoon after lunch, at the very end of the week, we picked two two ads for next week - one for Valentine's Day, the other for multiple weeks. One was completely out of the blue, the other responded to a previous message and agreed they wanted to join our team.

Mind you, before we took over, the paper wasn't even open Friday afternoons.

And January is traditionally one of the slowest months for advertising in a newspaper, following as it does the busy Christmas and New Year's holidays.

Between this week and next week, we've picked up FIVE new advertisers on a multiple insertion basis. Probably six. The deadline for next week's paper in noon Monday.

So yes, things are going well. It's very gratifying.

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