Thursday, January 25, 2018

Quite a journalist!

It's probably a problem because of living in a rural county, but occasionally the internet service goes out. I had no internet access at my office all afternoon today.

There is always work to be done, but I like to take breaks between chores by reading on the internet. It keeps the brain from curdling.

When I realized the internet was down, my first thought was to grab a book for when I wanted a break. Then I realized I had no books at the office.

I took a handful of quarters and walked across the town square and to the county library, and bought five old hardcover books from the library discard sale.

I ended up reading a biography of Nellie Bly and the story of when she went around the world in 72 days. It was great reading, and I learned something.

I did not know that during a stopover in England she went to France to meet Jules Verne. And he told her he didn't think she'd meet or break Phileas Fogg's record.

She showed him!

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