Friday, September 23, 2016

Being fair

In the spirit of being fair, I want to make explicit my appreciation to Adam-Troy Castro for taking down his post about the claim I was the brilliant criminal mastermind who had Jim Wright's 9/11 post removed (temporarily) from Facebook.

I don't know where this rumor started, but I suspect it was projection by someone that was quickly reported as fact. I give Mr. Castro credit for having the integrity to concede his sources were unverifiable and to remove the posting.

I think his position could be summed up as - paraphrasing here - "Lou's done enough goofy crap to be lambasted about, let's not attack him for stuff he's not done."

Which is a perfectly reasonable position.

He also poked me quite fairly that in mentioning him I was being careless in inserting the hyphen between the "Troy" and "Castro" rather than between "Adam" and "Troy" - sloppy writing for someone who edits a newspaper.

Fair cop, there.

In my defense - by way of an explanation rather than a justification - I don't pay nearly as much attention to Facebook postings as what goes into a (pardon the expression) a real newspaper.
But he did give me a chuckle.

He was also good about - when some of his fans started "piling on" me - admonishing them not to go overboard. I had a twinge of recognition there, because I've dealt with the same problem with my fans, sort of on the opposite side of the street.a

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