Sunday, May 08, 2016

It's a small world

This definitely falls under the "Its' a Small World" department, but today I was minding a brush pile which needed to be burned, and to put my time to good use, I retrieved some boxes of old newspaper photos from the 1980s, and set up a work station as I curated the photos.

They were discarded when the newspaper I worked at in 2014 was sold. The significant photos were donated to the local library, but I hauled away a couple of trash cans of photos that were thrown out, and I scan and post them occasionally.

Lo and behold, as I near the end of the process of sorting through the hundreds of photos, a familiar face appears! Sure enough, here's fellow East Texan Joe Lansdale! He must have made a local stop while promoting a book.

This is probably 20 years before I went to work at the paper in 2007, and 15 years before I even started writing fiction.

Like I said, small world!

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