Sunday, March 01, 2015

Busy weekend

I traveled extensively Friday and Saturday, covering events for C-Spot magazine. The visit Friday to College Station for the George R.R. Martin donation of the first edition of "The Hobbit" was a 460 mile round trip, but well worth it. I sat in on the press conference before the ceremony from 10:15 to 10:50, and then the actual event in the Rudder Auditorium started at 11 and lasted past noon.

Martin was very outgoing during the press conference; journalist were told two questions were off-limits - he wasn't to be asked about his next book, and his health.

Patricia with George R.R. Martin Saturday night.
Some students started lining up outside the auditorium at 8 a.m, to get good seats. Martin spoke for an hour, concluding by reading the end of "The Hobbit".

It was one of the better events I have ever attended as a "genre" journalist.

The trip to Nacogdoches Saturday was half the distance; Patricia came with me. Martin signed books at the local Hastings from 11 to 1, and Patricia and I arrived right at 1. I didn't need to cover the book signing, but Hastings had the press passes. As we arrived, Karen Lansdale was driving Martin off, and Patricia stopped and chatted with both of them in the parking lot while I went inside and got my pass. Joe left separately because he was on a 1 p.m. panel.

I spent the afternoon attending panels at the downtown art center, and that evening, the panel at the SFA student center. That panel had Joe Lansdale, Martin, Howard Waldrop and Michael Cassutt, and again, it was one of the best panels I have ever attended.

In addition to covering the film festival I interviewed Kasey Lansdale at the downtown art center for a musician-profile story.

That makes three stories gathered up in two days - the A&M gift, the film festival, and Kasey Lansdale. The game plan right now is to use them in the first print issue of C-Spot, to come out in April.

It was good to see Howard, as usual; he's holding up but showing his age. Then again, aren't we all?

In the case of A&M, I drove in later Thursday and stayed overnight before driving back Friday. Nacogdoches was a day trip.

Spent most of Sunday sleeping, cleaning up and unpacking.

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