Wednesday, June 06, 2012

A fan letter to Ray

Over six years ago, when I was still pretty wet behind the ears in this speculative writing stuff, on a whim I dashed off a hand-written fan letter to Ray Bradbury. It was pretty goofy stuff, but he was kind enough to send me this nice letter back:

Here is the text:

April 20, 2006

10265 Cheviot Drive • Los Angeles, California 90064

Dear Lou Antonelli:

Thank you for your good letter and kind words. I wish I could respond in length, but as you might guess, I get one heck of a lot of letters every week.

The bottom line is that I deeply appreciate your affection and I wish you well with your own career over the months and years.

Good luck and best wishes,

(signed) Ray Bradbury


Good-bye, Ray. You were an inspiration, a role model, and a wonderful example to all writers

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