Monday, October 24, 2011

False starts and fragments

I took a little time over the weekend and went through a folder in keep on my computer called "Works in Progress". This is where I have stashed stories or fragments over the years when I can't keep going or I am unhappy with the outcome.

I thought it might be helpful if I cut and pasted all these false starts and fragments into one file where I could more easily read and compare them. For example, I have two separate false starts for two stories, called "Desarrollo Separado" and "Sympathy for Salieri". In the case of "Desarollo", seeing them together gave me an idea how I might cobble together a story from the two parts. There's at least one complete story in there, called "Osteopithicus" that I finished but wasn' t happy with and never subbed.

These stories or fragments are in addition to stories which I did finish and DID sub which I have laid aside for further work after getting feedback from editors by way of rejections.

Anyway, the new file, which I labeled "False Starts", come to 44,000 words, so I definitely think there is some material to be mined there.

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