Saturday, March 19, 2011

Back in 2012

Deborah Kent, the Guest Liaison for this year's Conjour, sent an email out Wednesday thanking all the guests (prompt, and a nice touch) and inviting us all back next year. She noted it will return to ts previous time, which is the last weekend in January, which will be January 27, 28, and 29, 2012. I already replied and said I will be there.

Got a turndown from Strange Horizons that said some positive things, which was good; feedback of any kind from an editor or slush pile reader is always helpful, and usually valid. If they read the story closely enough to make comments, it held their interest, which is half the trick.

Won't be going to AggieCon, which is next weekend. The Texas Associated Press Managing Editors are having their annual conference in Tyler.

I need to do final edits on "Snow Globe". This is the story I read at ConDFW. I ran off a hard copy and marked up final edits last week, but I haven't gotten back to it because of distractions in the daily grind. Should finish it up this weekend, though.

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