Sunday, March 14, 2010

Report from Greenville

The autographing in Greenville Saturday night was a moderate success. Not as good as Longview two weeks ago, but some sales and not nearly as bad as Paris. I was surprised that this store seemed to have the least traffic of any I'd seen. Hastings seems to have a problem because some of its stores are located in some older strip malls and they seem to be becoming run down. Overall, not a bad night, and Patricia came with me, and afterwards we ate dinner at Red Lobster. Yumm...

Ive had five Hastings signings in six Saturdays. This run started Feb. 6 here in Mount Pleasant. I am taking a little break for now.

Most of this time, I've had bronchitis. It started Valentine's Day weekend, while I was at ConDFW. I was on antibiotics from Feb. 18 until last Wednesday. I seem to be getting better; I'm taking Diabetic Tussin now and waiting. Patricia went to the doctor last Monday, and she's taking antibiotics. Everyone at work eventually came down with the same thing, and it's still very prevalent. Since I was the first person to get sick, and it was after my visit to Waxahachie when I did the autographing Feb. 13, it's been called "The Waxahachie Crud" at the office.

Interestingly, Patricia's birth mother lives in Ellis County, and we had anticipated getting together with her on Feb. 13, but she begged off, saying she had the flu. So there may be something to that "Waxahachie Crud" after all.

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