Sunday, August 03, 2008

Republic of Texas boundary marker

I don't think I've ever posted this before, but thinking about the third anniversary of the publication of "A Rocket for the Republic" got me thinking.

There is, in East Texas, on the border with Louisiana, the only international boundary marker within the borders of the continental 48 states. It was erected by the Republic of Texas in 1847 to mark its border with the U.S. There were wooden boundary markers erected all along the border with Arkansas and Louisiana, but there were two granite markers erected in crucial places where the boundary zagged as it went from following the Sabine River in Louisiana to following a straight line up to Arkansas.

One of those granite markers was on the banks of the Sabine and fell into the river years ago, but the other remains. This a view of the shaft as it is today. This view shows the side with the R.T. for the Republic of Texas on it; the other side has USA. A third side has longitude information.

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