Friday, March 14, 2008

Armadillocon 30

I have received - and most heartedly accepted - an invite to be a panelist at Armadillocon 30, which will be held in Austin August 15-17.
The last time I went to 'DillonCon was in 2004. In 2005 and 2006, I couldn't have gone because its weekend coincided with an annual event I had to cover in the city where I worked.
Last year, I was in a new job and had no vacation days available, plus I was still recovering from the blood pressure attack and inner infection that sent me to the hospital while I was at NASFIC in St. Louis.
Looking forward to this year, I was over a barrel, because WorldCon (Denvention) is the week before Dillocon, I would not be going to both - that would burn up too many of my vacation days too early (my anniversary day is July 30) plus I simply don't think I have the stamina. So I decided that if Dillocon would have me as a panelist, I would go. It will keep me closer to home, and the people I want to visit with will be there (I think a number of people who are going to Denver will be slouching to Austin).
The lineup so far is (according to their web site) is:
Guest of Honor - John Scalzi the Fluffy
Artist Guest of Honor - Dean Morrissey the Silly
Fan Guest of Honor - Kelly Persons the Handy
Editor Guest of Honor -Sheila Williams the Liberating
Toastmaster - Bill Crider the Outrageous
Special Guests of Honor - Joe & Gay Haldeman the Accidentally Timely
Other panelists include:
David Lee Anderson
Neal Barrett, Jr.
Matthew Bey
Jayme Lynn Blaschke
Elizabeth Burton
Scott A. Cupp
Aaron de Orive
Rhonda Eudaly
Mark Finn
Melanie Miller Fletcher
Brad W. Foster
Janice Gelb
John K. Gibbons
Beverly Hale
Rory Harper
Samantha Henderson
Kenneth Huey
Gorg Huff
Al Jackson
Rocky Kelley
Rick Klaw
Alexis Glynn Latner
William Ledbetter
A. Lee Martinez
J. M. McDermott
Paul O. Miles
C. J. Mills
John Moore
Gloria Oliver
Cary G. Osborne
Lawrence Person
John Picacio
Alan J. Porter
Doug Potter
James Reasoner
Jessica Reisman
Carrie Richerson
Chris Roberson
Paige Roberts
Selina Rosen
Josh Rountree
Patrice Sarath
Rie Sheridan
Willie Siros
Cynthia Leitich Smith
Debbie Lynn Smith
Mikal Trimm
Susan Wade
Howard Waldrop
Lynn Ward
Don Webb
Martha Wells
Patty Wells
K. D. Wentworth
Wendy Wheeler
Steve Wilson

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