Friday, February 29, 2008

More from ConDFW

On Sunday morning, I caught breakfast in the hotel restaurant (it was actually quite good). Brad and Sue Sinor came by and we chatted for a while befre moving to the lobby, where the socializing continued. At 11 a.m I had an hour to share for a reading with Selena Rosen. I read from the rough first draft of my novel, "The Future is Hiding". It had the normal bumps due to the state of the draft, but was very well received - even Selena had a few chuckles.
I then went off on my series of three panels in four hours, all of which I moderated. All the panelists showed up for "Published in the Periodicals: The Sci-Fi/Fantasy Magazine Market" and it was well-attended. The audience dwindled a bit for "The Best Writers You’ve Never Heard Of". All the panelists were there except Richard Weber. I had made copies of the article in the current issue of IROSF on Howard Waldrop and handed them out.
The last panel at 3 p.m. on "The Best Writers You’ve Never Heard Of" was lots of fun. The audience swelled again, and the only panelist who missed it was Tom Knowles. It was a good ending.

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