Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Four in a row

I got a phone call tonight from Joni Labaqui. the administrator of the Writers of the Future. She said I earned another honorable mention and asked my permission to post my name in their blog.

Of course, I said fine. She also said they'll send me a certificate. I told her I'll keep entering until I win or I'm ineligible (one more short story pro sale and I'd be out of contention).

This was for my story "When Hell's Bill Comes Due".

I think I'm setting a record of some kind with these four honorable mentions in a row. If I put those four stories together with the eight HMs I have gotten in the YBSF, I'd have a nice collection. I can call it "A Dozen Darn Good Stories That Weren't Quite Good Enough".

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