Wednesday, July 05, 2006

Strange coincidence

I got my LACon Progress Report No. 5 for July in the mail today. While I was flipping through it, something struck me.
I bought a supporting membership back in January, hoping I would be able to attend. But thanks to some unfortunate happpenings afterwards, that plan flew out the window. I simply don't have the money. This year I'm only going to cons in Texas and Oklahoma.
Back in 2003, after I attended ConDFW in February, I resolved to start attending these things. I sent in a registration for Conestoga, in July. Autombile troubles kept me from attending. Then I sent in my registration for Armadillocon, in August. Car troubles again, plus I started a new job that week and had to move.
After that, I resolved I would never send in my money in advance. I was frantic to get to at least one other con before the end of the year, so I flew to PhilCon, which was held in December.
Despite the potential logistical nightmare (I didn't even reserve a hotel room in advance) I made it to the Con in great shape, found a hotel room within walking distance of its host hotel, got to meet Gardner Dozois, Tom Purdom, Michael Swanwick, amonng others, and listen to the likes of Gordon Van Gelder and David Hartwell.
All because, apparently, I just showed up at the door, money in hand. After that, I resolved (that's the third time I've used 'resolved' in this post) that I would never sign up for a con in advance. Sure, it's a little more expensive that way, but it seems to work for me.
So then I forget myself, sign-up for LACon in advance, and within maybe six weeks we have two accidents, a major hospital stay, and bills out the wazoo. So much for that idea.
Thankfully (and I mean that in the sense that I am thankful) I'm a guest at all the cons I plan to attend this year, except for Armadillocon. So there's no registration to worry about.
And you can be DARN sure I'm not going to sign-up in advance for DilloCon.

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