Wednesday, June 21, 2006

"The Three Year Rule"

Since I bother to maintain a web site (as opposed to this blog), I have offered it as a venue for publishing original fiction, Back in March we had our first submission, "The One Billionth Wish" by Peter J. Rosado.
Philip Hamm, a writer from the U.K., sent in another tale June 6, and I've also published it: "The Three Year Rule". I liked the fact it's almost all dialogue (I'm kinda partial to that - of course, "Rocket" was a monolgue) and the premise behind the story is interesting. It's almost an Orwellian dark fantasy.
Please read it when you have the opportunity:
There is a place at the bottom of the page to log your opinion.
Interestingly enough, both stories came in at 1,700 words.

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