Monday, June 12, 2006

Third Anniversary

I got an email this past weekend from Sharon Partington, the editor of Worlds of Wonder ezine. She's fixin' to publish my story "The Runner at Dawn" in the WoW summer issue, which will go online July 8. She sent a link to a html page and asked me to proof the story. That was a bit of a new experience - I've never had an online html proof.
I've never had anything published by WoW, but it looks like a nice ezine. "Runner" has been bouncing around for a while; I'm glad to find it a home.
It occurred to me (also this weekend) that this is the third anniversary since I was first published. "Silvern" was published by Revolution SF in June 2003. It seems so long ago. When it's online, "Runner" will be my 25th published story.
The second story I submitted to RevSF, "Silence is Golden" was published in August, and it was the first story that got me an HM in the YBSF. I've had a total of five stories published in RevSF, and gotten three HMs. There is an accepted story sitting over there now.
Since I have been published in so many places, I have been consciously submitting to new venues, which how I came to send a story to WoW. If I counted correctly. I've been published in 11 different places; WoW would be the 12th.
Still haven't cracked a major mag like Asimov's again, though. Just last week I got two rejections from two solid magazines which both said they enjoyed the story, it just didn't rise to the level where it made the cut.
Those rejections are probably the most frustrating of all.

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