Tuesday, March 21, 2006

Turkey City Workshop

There was another Turkey City workshop Saturday, March 18. Workshop Coordinator Lawrence Person called the workshop on relatively short notice (I think it was Feb. 11) to take advantage that Bruce Sterling would be in Austin.
The Cyberpunk Generalissimo was there, as well as Stina Licht, Ryan McReynolds, Tam Thompson, Don Webb, Jessica Reisman, Steve Wilson, and Wendy Wheeler, as well as Lawrence and myself.
Howard Waldrop planned to come but didn't get his story done and begged out. Wheeler accidentally double-booked herself and had to do another workshop in the morning, but she had read the stories anyway (they're all being circulated by email now) and so she made the critiquing in the afternoon.
I offered to bring a lasagna for the lunch break, and I did do. Those who indulged all said it was great, but just about half the people there were either health faddists or vegetarians.
Three of the stories were what the authors are working on for the upcoming Robert E. Howard anthology that will be released this fall in conjunction with World Fantasy Con. It's the centennial of Howard's birth (which is why the Con is in Texas). I understand the book is being edited by Joe Lansdale and Scott Cupp.
I'm getting more accustomed to the workshops. I probably got more out of this one that the two previous ones.
The worst part of the whole affair was the drive because it rained all weekend and so I had to make the drive to and from Austin essentially all the way in the rain. Absolute pain in the patootie.
Most of the members of the workshop live in Austin. Tam Thompson now lives an hour and a half away. Of course, I live five hours away, Lawrence was nice enough to lend me his guest bedroom.

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