Wednesday, July 13, 2016

Those who can...

Never underestimate the mean-spirtedness and pettiness of some people. I suppose "Tales of the Otherverse" getting two nominations for the Sidewise award put some basement-dwelling douchebag's shorts in a twist; today someone tried to post an anonymous criticism of my story "Port Radium" on my blog, as a comment to a post from last September.

The "critique" was 628 words long, which is a good 16 percent of the length of the story being attacked. You wonder why such a smarty pants doesn't go ahead and write his/her own story?


  1. You let these idiots bother you too much. Ignore the trolls. They feed on attention.

  2. I agree with Arrgh. Ignore them and spend the time and energy writing rather than responding.

    Oh, and who's the guy in the picture? *ducks and runs*


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