Wednesday, July 13, 2016

Back from LibertyCon

Jason Cordova giving blood
Libertycon is a great convention, and this was my first time to participate. I had two panels and they were a couple of the best panels I have ever participated in, I also ran into a lot of people for the first time and had a lot of great conversations.

My participation was limited somewhat because I made this into a family affair, bringing my wife Patricia as well as my little girl, Sugar. Because of that I didn't go to any parties or spent very little time in the Con Suite - Sugar being a dog.

The two panels I participated in at Libertycon were outstanding; large crowds and great participation.

Jody Lynn Nye moderated the panel at 4 p.m. Friday on the art of short story writing. I was joined by Scott W. Baker, Todd McCaffrey and Dan Thompson. The panelist were engaged and knowledgeable, I know the members of the audience picked up some great information.

I personally commended Nye afterwards for being a diligent moderator, it was one of the best jobs at it I've ever seen.

I moderated the panel at noon on Saturday on Retro-Futurist Alternate History. The attendance was even greater - the room was pretty full - and the panelists - Griffin Barber, Geoffrey Mandragora, Dan Thompson and James James L Young - were all full of ideas and enthusiasm. The audience seemed to enjoy it immensely!

I had a great time meeting some people in person for the first time - including Larry Correia and Arlan Andrews. Had a good time meeting some chums again, including Tully D. Roberts and Tom Trumpinski.

Larry Correia  is very friendly and open (and also quite busy); Tully D. Roberts  treated Patricia and myself to some delicious barbecue ribs and brisket (and Sugar got the bones, which made her one happy puppy camper); Jonathan LaForce cooked that great barbecue.

Other folks I ran into included Rich Weyand; old chums Brad Sinor and Sue Sinor; Ronald Zukowski; Gail Martin; Robert S. Evans; the "Jimmy Olsen" of the convention, Oleg Volk; Jonathan David Baird; Declan Finn; Arlan Andrews; Richard Groller; Alexander Moore; Larry Mitchell; and Jason Cordova, who I met while we were both giving blood.

There were a few people, such as Sarah A. Hoyt and Daniel M. Hoyt - who I was just able to say hi to as panels changed - or people I said hello to in passing by, like Toni Weisskopf and Jonna Hayden.

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