Wednesday, July 06, 2016

A good example of a bad person

One thing I learned from the Sad Puppies debacle last year was never engage in a discussion in a venue you don't moderate.

Because the Puppy Kickers are spoiled brats who like to control things, having lived all their lives financially, socially or politically privileged. They've always had it their way, they don't know any other way. If you get into any discussion with them, they'll insult you and pile on.

One of the shittiest places to be trapped into a discussion at is File 770; as I've said in the past, Mike Glyer likes to cut and paste and mock people so they can held up to ridicule

Glyer excerpted the start of my post from Sunday "Causerie on Reaching 3000 Facebook Friends" a few days later. His tactic seems to have failed, there were few comments attacking me. I know it is hard for someone as socially inbred as Glyer to believe, but there may be a few people who understood what I was saying, and heck - who knows, anything is possible - some people might have agreed with me.

Finally, one last anonymous asshole weighed in and devoted his entire post attacking me. This "JJ" said"

"And the complete lack of self-awareness continues. There’s so much projection going on in that post, CUL could open his own theater."

I am quite aware of my own failings. I just don't believe in self-abasement before arrogant pricks like you. I AM entitled to my own opinion, and unlike you, I don't have Big Brother to stifle dissent for me, like you are trying to do. Did the Agitprop Bureau call you into action on this?

Nice try at cleverness with the cinema metaphor. You are more like an old-fashioned cassette tape - wound too tight and ready snap at any moment.

"Here’s a clue for your birthday, Lou, because you are obviously in dire need of one:"

It's Jan. 6, by the way. I'll be 60 next year.

"Hundreds of people didn’t de-Friend you on Facebook because they disagreed with your political opinions. They de-Friended you because you’ve repeatedly behaved like an epic-level asshole."

The defriendings mostly happened as soon as the Hugo finalists were announced, much before I lost my temper and flew off the handle. That was a while later.

"And those people who subsequently Friended you because you’ve repeatedly behaved like an epic-level asshole? You might want to think about that."

Ah, yes, short-attention span again. If you were intelligent and literate enough to read what I wrote accurately, you'd see what I said was that I built up my list again as I sent out Friend requests to people I think you be supportive, helpful and appreciative.

I've been very careful to screen Friend requests from people I don't already know. There have been a few times people have blatantly tried to troll me. They obviously want to make brownie points in their cadre or coven.

This JJ is a good example of the kind of bad people who proliferate at File 770. They hide in their anonymity like bugs hide under a rock.

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