Thursday, December 28, 2017

Annual eligibility post

It's that time of the year again, for the annual eligibility post - a blog or social media post listing of what you published in 2017 that is eligible for awards such as the Sidewise, Compton Crook, Dragon, Endeavour, Hugo, Lambda, Nebula, World Fantasy Award, and WSFA awards,

Here is the round-up of what I had published in 2017:

First and foremost, my debut novel "Another Girl, Another Planet". It was a finalist in the alternate history category for the Dragon award (I got beat by Harry Turtledove). It's got 17 review on Amazon, rated 4.6 stars.

My short fiction:

1. “The Silver Crescent” – Bewildering Stories, Issue 705

2. “Watch What Happens’ – Fiction on the Web, March 2017

3. “The World Turned Upside Down” – Rocket’s Red Glare anthology, Rough Edges Press

4. "The Last Run of the Piney Woods Express" - "Bewitched, Betwixt and Between" anthology, Crosstime Publishing

5. “A Stone’s Throw” – 4 Star Stories

6. “Riders of the Red Shift” – Astounding Frontiers, July 2017.

7. “The Orphan Hunter” – Aphelion, August 2017

8. “The Mole and the Sun” – Surprising Stories, September 2017

9. “Milady Wakes” – Theme of Absence, September 2017

10. “Queens Crossing” – More Alternate Truths, B Cubed Press, November 2017

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