Saturday, March 09, 2013

Table of Contents for Raygun Chronicles

So it's official. The following stories have been bought for RAYGUN CHRONICLES. Congrats to them all!

Mike Resnick (Catastrophe Baker & The Ship Who Purred) - reprint
Milo Fowler (Captain Quasar & The Space Junk) - reprint
Michael S. Roberts (Sword of Saladin) - reprint
Michael Merriam (Nor To The Strong) - reprint
TM Hunter (Ever Dark – Aston West) - reprint
Robert Mancebo (Slavers of Ruhn) - reprint
A.m. Roelke (The Last, Full Measure) - reprint
Lou Antonelli (The Silver Dollar Saucer) - reprint
Paula R. Stiles (Spider On A Sidewalk) - reprint
Jenny Schwartz (Can Giraffes Change Their Spots?) - reprint
A.M. Stickel (To The Shores Of Triple, Lee!) - reprint
Shaun Farrell (Conversion) - reprint
Peter Wacks (Space Opera) - original

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