Sunday, March 10, 2013

Space Opera

I want to take a moment of personal privilege to say how impressed I am with Bryan Thomas Schmidt's kickstarter effort to raise the $8,000 kitty to fund the "Ray Gun Chronicles" anthology. These days, Space Opera is not mainstream s-f, so he was working in a sub-genre. But he assembled a great Table of Contents, and made a great case that pushed it over to $8,125. It was a great effort, and I admire his perseverance and tenacity.

With "Ray Gun Chronicles", "The Silver Dollar Saucer" will be my first story reprinted three times - it was also in both my previous collections, "Fantastic Texas" as well as "Texas & Other Planets". I really didn't set out to write Space Opera, I started out with a Weird Western that kinda took off - literally - into space.

It was originally published in "Ray Gun Revival" in 2009. "Ray Gun Chronicles" has gathered many of the people who were active with "Revival"; in a way, the anthology is a tribute to the ezine, which folded in 2012.

I was always grateful to "Ray Gun Revival" for publishing "The Silver Dollar Saucer". Because of the way it straddled genres, it had trouble finding a home, and was rejected 22 times in four years. In 2006 it was actually accepted for the old Amazon Shorts program, but the deal fell through because one condition - which I had overlooked - was that you also needed to have a book for sale on Amazon, and I didn't at the time.

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