Sunday, January 04, 2009

"Acroscaphe" is published

Well, speak of the devil, I just learned via Ed Morris' blog that issue No. 13 of Planetary Stories - Jan. 2009 - is on-line - with our collaboration:

Click here to have a read

Here is a video - available through YouTube - that promotes Planetary Stories:

Wow, love that soundtrack!

Here is what Ed had to say about our story on his blog:

"I've blogged about my collaborator, Lou Antonelli, on here before quite often. Absolute craftsman of a storyteller, and this one is no exception.

"Every time we get together on a story, it's a different kind of collaboration. I brought a little bit of Ludlum and guys like that to the table, but Lou took it a step further and suggested that it be a Fifties 'big bug' scenario done our way. Both of us spent a great deal of time and used many pairs of pliers and forceps yanking parts of this story from dark fathoms in our heads, way down deep where the pressure would kill most... but not all... life forms.

"Read it, dammit, it's free. Shelby Vick runs Planetary Stories pretty much on his own shoestring, and it is a wonderful showcase of all forms of Pulp style, in everything from SF to Westerns to Boys' Adventure. People need to keep those lights on, and tend the desk by the sputtering VACANCY sign.

"As we march onward into the new century, Robert Silverberg is proven right time and again, the part where he said that the futures postulated by Golden Age SF are still not necessarily outmoded or irrelevant at all. Planetary Stories keeps that lighthouse very brightly."

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