Monday, January 05, 2009

A blink, a link and some brags

Locus Online has posted a blink for the current issue of Planetary stories. Hope that drives a little more traffic to the issue to read "Acroscaphe".

The folks at SFSignal have been nice enough to add this site to their list of "Authors Who Blog".

Over a Apehelion, I checked out some of the comments about "Video Killed the Radio Star" on their forum. Some of the positives included:

"Interesting concept. Nice interweaving of real-world events into the story."

"The Texans in the story seemed just like all the Texans I know. They will decide they like and trust you on an impulse."

"The story held my interest from beginning to end, and that by-itself is one of the most important points of story-telling... A good one that was enjoyable and easy to follow yet not simple in style or tone. Fiction should entertain and this one certainly did!!"

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