Sunday, January 04, 2009

Getting caught up (science fiction)

First thing to note is that 2008 was the year with my least publications since I started at this, only two. Of course, one of them was "The Witch of Waxahachie" which was published in Jim Baen's Universe in April. The other was "Video Killed the Radio Star" published in December by Apehelion. I've posted a link to that story in my archives menu.

I had four stories published in 2003, the first year I had any publications. But last year I spent essentially half the year writing my first book, which I sent to Tor, "Dance with Me, Henry", so I really was quite busy.

BTW, Bill Crider noticed my posting of the story I wrote about Norman Corwin and passed the link on to folks interested in old-time radio. Thanks, Bill. I need to call Mr. Corwin and see if he got my tearsheet of the story.

Got to chat a while today with Howard Waldrop. I hadn't talked to him since I saw him in the VA hospital in August. I only recently got my contributor copies of the story I did for the SFWA Bulletin about his reading for Armadillocon of "The Ugly Chickens". I wanted to make sure he had a copy of the story. He said someone had sent him a copy; otherwise I would have sent him a Bulletin. If I had been paid for the story (I donated it) I would have split the money, but since my consideration was two copies of the magazine, I would have given him one.

I told him about the interview with Corwin; I also mentioned that I have an interview with Tom Doherty in the pile for the Bulletin (I should be paid for that one). He said they sounded like fun. They were.

I got my contract in the mail yesterday from David Riley to publish "Professor Malakoff's Amazing Ethereal Telegraph" in the next issue of Science Fiction Trails. With Planetary Stories ready to publish "Acroscaphe", that means I already have as many stories sold for 2009 as I did in all of 2008.

I thought "The Silver Dollar Saucer" was going to be published in the December issue of Raygun Revival, but that didn't happen. I have a query in via e-mail (but I have been paid).


  1. Always glad to pass on a cool link. That Corwin interview was great.

  2. Howard remembered that "War of the Worlds" and Corwin's play were about the same time.


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