Monday, April 14, 2008


I got emails this weekend from Terry Bramlett and Paula Goodlett. Terry has been nominated for a Nebula award in the novelette category for his story "Child, Maiden, Mother, Crone" which was published in Jim Baen's Universe last June.

This is the first story ever nominated for a Nebula from JBU. It's a great honor and appropriate recognition for Terry, and I'm sure he is justifiably proud.

Terry said he can't attend the awards banquet, and he asks that in case he wins, I accept the award for him. Of course, I said yes. In addition to being a fellow JBU author, I published one of Terry's stories, "Day of Heroes", last year in Sentinel SF.

Paula (who is the managing editor of JBU) also said she can't attend, and so she seconded the suggestion. So I will be representing JBU and Terry at the banquet.

Terry pooh-poohs his chances, as a first-time nominee from a relatively new publication, in the face of stiff competition from folks such as Geoff Ryman, Nancy Kress and Ted Chiang, among others - but I say, don't count the kid from Mississippi out!

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