Tuesday, January 01, 2008

Pubs in 2007

I guess I should make a note, here on Jan. 1, of my stories that were published in the year just past:

"The Amerikaan Way" - Atomjack magazine, March 2007
"Avatar" - Darker Matter, April 2007
"Insight" - Twisted Tongue, May 2007
"It's Wonderful, Life" - Twisted Tongue, May 2007
"Fermi's Fraternity" - Plantetary Stories, September 2007
"Body by Fisher" - FenCon IV Souvenir Program Book, September 2007
"My Ugly Little Self" - Twisted Tongue, December 2007

Atomjack and Planetary Stories are ezines. Darker Matter (based in the UK) was also an ezine. It ceased after five issues. Twisted Tongue (also based in the UK) is one of those pdf POD publications. The Fencon Souvenir Book was print (obviously) and had nce art.

Personally, I liked "The Amerikaan Way" very much, but Avatar (also an alternate history) got the best notice and reviews.

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