Tuesday, January 01, 2008

Sentinel SF - The Year in Review

Despite sputtering to a halt by the end of the year, Sentinel S-F published five issues in 2007. Here is a recap:

January 2007

"Cavers" by Paul Carlson
"Kindermarchen" by Howard Waldrop
"Two Men in a Cave Without a Net" by Lou Antonelli

March 2007

"Mr. Wyatt in Darkest Africa" by Steve Utley
"The Zeitsev" by Michael Hart

May 2007

"Collateral Damage" by David Gray
"The League of Dead Nations" by Lou Antonelli
"Fire-Heart and Rose-Lips" by Jay Lake

July 2007
"Day of Heroes" by Terry Bramlett
"Persona non Grata" by Cynthia Ward
"Deviation from a Theme" by Steve Utley

Sept. 2007 (all flash issue)

"Spin" by Paul Carlson
"The Case for RFID" by Sue Lange
"Something Apollonius Rhodius Left Out" by Berrien Henderson
"The Scrawl of Cthulu" by David Marshall
"Don't Forget to Write" by Dan Pearlman

All stories were original except in the case of the pair by Steve Utley, which were reprinted from small pubs in the '70s.

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