Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Campebell Award

With the start of the new year, they've updated the Writertopia web site which lists the authors eligible for the award.

Someone noticed that and posted a message at the Asimov's discussion board. This is where most of what follows was originally posted:

Since my "A Rocket for the Republic" was published in Asimov's in 2005, I was eligible to be nominated last year. When they listed the results and nominations for the Campbell Award after WorldCon last year, I saw I had five nominations - which rather surprised me, since I don't recall I asked anyone to nominate me.

Living in a small town in East Texas, all by my lonesome so to speak (I'm the only member of the SFWA in my three-digit regional postal zone) I don't belong to any writer's group or critique confab, so I never get a chance to socialize or chat with any s-f type people except when I go to conventions. There must be a lot more gossiping about this kind of stuff in the big cities. I have gone to a few Turkey City Workshops, but I never see these folks otherwise, I live 300 miles away.

Well, from what I know of the writers listed, here's my prediction for this year's ballot:

Brandon Sanderson
Lawrence Schoen
Sarah Monette
Brett Alexander Savory
Justine Larbalestier

My bet is that Monette will be this year's winner. I guess we can check back later and see how close I came with my prediction.

Of course, I have a second year of elibibility, but as few people as I know personally, I know I'd never get on the ballot (the cut-off last year for fifth place was 17 nominations).

But if you were nice enough to nominate me last year, or if you want to write me down again, you have my thanks.

Here's a funny thought (funny peculiar not funny ha-ha) I just turned 50 this past Saturday, January 6, so I bet I'm the OLDEST person on that eligibility list.

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