Sunday, January 14, 2007

Funny comments

Blackgate is a web site that does short fiction reviews. In December they reviewed the August issue of the new ezine Heliotrope, which included a review of Ed Morris' short story "On the Air". I ran across the review recently. amd here it is reprinted:

"By far the wackiest story I’ve read recently is “On the Air” by Edward Morris. This is alternate history on speed in which the events of World War I end much differently, as this transcript of a show from the newly invented television illustrates in overwhelming detail. Some stories are jam-packed with adventure; this one is jam packed with historical and literary references. To just give you an idea, Hugo Gernsback is the show’s host. It’s not surprising the story is dedicated to Paul DiFilippo and also Lou Antonelli; Morris might have included Howard Waldrop, as well."

I called Edward last week and told him about the review. I also ran a copy off and mailed it to Howard.

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