Saturday, December 17, 2005

"The Hideaway"

I mentioned a while back that a bad combination of carpal tunnel syndrome plus a pinched nerved has contributed to my wearing a wrist brace for the past few weeks. That's obviously slowed down my posting. I've also had to save my typing time for work, since as a newspaper editor, I write a lot, too.
I also think that a very old thumb injury may have factored in. When I was a freshman in high school and on the footbsll team, a kid once tackled a dummy I was holding when I wasn't looking, and it tore the cartilage of my left thumb. It twinged for maybe 20 years but went away, and I had forgotten about it. That may be part of the problem, too.
Also, I was working extra from Sept. 20 to Nov. 28 because a reporter was out on worker's comp and the company didn't replace her in the meantime. I had to essentially work two jobs and do the equivalent of 72 hours a week of work - since I work 40 hours a week and the other personb worked 32. My hand was at its worst right before she returned to work. One more week at that pace and I don't know what would have happened.
A nurse practioner I visited with suggested the wrist brace, plus aspirin as an anti-inflammatory (thankfully, I do real well with aspirin and I can pop five at a time with no ill effects. She had suggested I might want to tale Aleeve, instead.) She also said Vitamin B-6 is good for long-term nerve health (I already knew that). Since I have Vegemiter at home, I stepped up the pace of getting into that. I'm trying to eat some every day.

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