Saturday, December 17, 2005


I took a break while posting the last entry, and then never got around to the topic that my title referred to - my story "The Hideaway". I've just posted it on my web site. I had seven stories published this year, and by the Dec. 31 I plan to have them all archived on my web site for everyone to see ( "The Hideaway" was published by Alienskin in June, and after the obvious choices ("Rocket for the Republic" in Asimov's and "The Cast Iron Dybbuk" in Andromeda), it was my next favorite choice of the year. (And, since I took my payment from Andromeda in copies, it actually was the second most profitable story I sold this year.)
It's another monologue story - like "Rocket" - and I though it had some snappy lines. I especially liked the description of what happened when the grizzly attacked the hunters' tent:
"It was probably about 2 a.m. when the grizzly tore open the tent. Tucker had gone to sleep with a bag of Cheese Waffies under his pillow.
The tent came apart like a thin tissue after a big sneeze."
There are places in that story I almost sound like Mickey Spillane - which makes sense in context.

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