Thursday, December 08, 2005

Some thoughts on "Dialogue"

I just posted "Dialogue" under my archives of my web site. As my stories go, it had one of the more convoluted histories.
I wrote it almost three years ago as an entry in the Writers of the Future. It was mailed off right at the end of 2002. WOTF lost it for a full year; it didn't turn up again until late 2003.
In the meanwhile I had submitted it to ASIM, and it was the first story I ever submitted that wasn't rejected outright. It passed the first reading. In the end, it didn't fly, but I finally sold "Cast Iron Dybbuk" to them a year and a half later.
It centers of a meeting with an alien race called the Ymilans. Later in 2003, after attending ConDFW in Dallas, I write a story for Jayme Blaschke at RevolutionSF called "Silvern" and set it on my envisioned Ymilan world. "Silvern" was the first story I ever had published.
After bouncing around a couple of years, "Dialogue" finally also found a home at Revolution - which makes it seem its a kind of prequel of sorts. Of course, the funny thing is, it is actually the older of the two stories.
"Dialogue" is the only story I had published at RevolutionSF this year, and since Blaschke is leaving, I have no idea of what kind of relationship I will have with them in the future. I tell ya' though, I'll always be grateful to RevSF and Blaschke for giving me a little validation when I needed it.
The left hand seems to be feeling better. But now, the transmission on the pickup is dying. I think the clutch is gone. If it's actually the transmission, the truck's toast, because a new transmission will be double what the truck is worth.

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