Thursday, April 21, 2005

They Got Their Act Together in Tulsa.

I got an e-mail link to the guest questionnaire for Conestoga. I went to the site and filled it out. It was a very well done form. It was easy to use, and I liked the proposed list of panel subjects. Just convinces me more that I will enjoy the convention. They seem to be on the ball.

Brutarian returned "The Dragon's Black Box". I e-mailed it to Strange Horizons. I just sent Brutarian "V.S.A."

I also just sent "The Silver Dollar Saucer" to Lone Star Stories.

I'm wearing long sleeved shirts and the spots on my arms caused by the high blood pressure medicine seem to be fading.

Looking forward to "Big Girl" going up at Ultraverse May 1.

My boss was a at home yesterday and called me. She was doing a crossword puzzle and the clue was "Science Fiction Author Frederick _ _ _ _. She knew I'd know the answer. I told her not only do I know who Fred Pohl is, he's got a story in the same upcoming issue of Asimov's that I do.

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